I am a Nature photographer.

And photography is the mean I use express my creativity about nature...

I have been exposed to photography very young. Being from a family of photographers, my initiation has happened very early. As well, my parent thought all arts were important so I was also train very young to painting and music.  

Music, Painting and Nature are elements that never stop growing in me; they contributed to transform my vision about what is around me. Even though I turned my mind away from the art for a while, doing my B.A. and master at university, it never stopped me from registering images and being attracted by nature.  After those years of mind training, I started to develop my knowledge and skills about photography. The artistic styles that have influence me the most is the Impressionism for the style and for its research of light.

The foundation of my photography is in landscape which I extended to wildlife photography in the last 15 years. My traveling and my passion for photography have taken me to 3 different continents, Africa, Europe and several locations in North America. 

More than anything else, Canada and US natural beauty, diversity and grandeur attract me the most. And for the later years, I have spent time photographing Western Canada and South Western US on a regular basis.

In a continuous photography evolution, I have always kept on learning. My great coaches in the field were Mike GrandMaison, Darwin Wiggett and Art Wolfe. Today, I try to let my emotions take over my photography expression. 

And I also find the need to share what I have learn over the years by offering my photographs in fine art prints and in national nature magazines. My work is sometimes also displayed in art exhibitions. An other way to share my art is by occasionally leading landscape  tour-training in Western Canada, Eastern Canada and every second year in the beautiful South Western US where I go regularly. 

I also have the pleasure to give lectures in photography clubs in eastern Canada. You can find more information regarding photography conferences, training and tours I offer in the Workshop section.

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Best of light !

Jean-Daniel Gagné

Nature photographer