N A T U R E - P H O T O G R A P H Y - C A N A D A | Tuscany Workshop 2017





After much scouting the area and testing with amateur protographers in 2013 and 2015, I am happy to offer a new workshop right in the center of the most beautiful scenery that is Tuscany. 

 Participants will be located in beautiful appartments (one bedroom with private bathroom per participant). These well equiped appartments are in an Agriturismo superbly located right in the middle of beautiful valleys, so famous with their typical cypresses. 

Tuscan Mist -Toscana, ITTuscan Mist -Toscana, IT


Because it is the best way to learn and perfect new practices in photography, more rapidly. There is nothing more motivating than being part of a group of photography passionate who will be spending their time shooting during several days, exchanging and sharing ideas, and having fun doing what they like best in front of the most beautiful sites. And you will not have to search for them: I will guide you to the best locations on the best hours to enjoy the best light. 


Considering this, you will have to be in Tuscany on April 22nd. The workshop will start on Saturday afternoon after a drive from the airport. If you do not plan to travel in Italy after or before the workshop, you should be flying in on April 21st from Montreal and be flying back on 30th. Teaching will be given from the 22nd to the 29th. Sharing transport during the workshop is encouraged. If you need to be matched to an other participant for transportation, you shall let me know.

To share my time adequately  between participants, I only take 5 photographers for this workshop. Each photographer can be accompanied by a husband of a wife who wants to visit the locations we will visit. If the husband or spouse is also a serious photographer to follow the group, a special price will be offered for the couple.


We will be going to Florence from Montreal to get our véhicules. I personnally will be taking the Montreal-Florence flight around 16h55 on the 21st aboard Swiss air with an hour stop in Zurich and will be landing in Florence (Firenze) at around 9h05. 

Lands of TuscanyLands of Tuscany



This is a landscape photography workshop and the teaching I will be giving will cover this subject and some others like architecture photography. We will be photographing lansdscapes early in the morning until around 10h and from 14h30 to sunset. The rest of the time will be used for driving between destinations, visiting abbeys villages, monasteries. 





Each photographer accompanied or not will have his\her own room equipped Television, a small table and chairs, a private bathroom(shower, toilet, bathroom sink and bidet). Each room is in an apartment. There could be 2 rooms in some apartements but their quietness is guaranteed by the fact that they are at the extremes of the apartement and separated by a kitchen/living room.  A few dinners will be held in the apartments; some in groups and some not. 


At the end of April, grass is very green, tree leaves are tender green and it is the start of the blooming season for some vegetation. Roads are also more quiet and there is less tourists. We will photograph various landscapes in various places: typical Italien country villages with narrow streets, bucolic country sides, monasteries & abbeys. We will be based in Pienza which is one of the best locations for it's beautiful country side right in the middle of the Tuscany area. We will be shooting places like San Quirico d'Orcia, Montalcino, Montepulciano and some others enchanting places.

Dominus Vobiscum - Toscana, ITDominus Vobiscum - Toscana, IT



We start shooting early in the morning to catch to first lights and capture these beautiful places with the best light.  And we will end our days by shooting at sunset before going for dinner.  During strong light time, we will try to do insides like abbeys or use that time for travelling. 


The workshop is given on the field, 95% of the time. The subjects will include: 
 @  Visit to some of the most beautiful known and unknown sites
 @  Optimization of composition, choice of scenes, the different tools (rules) in
      composition, choice of objectives and tricks from professionals 
 @  Photography gear, use of neutral grad filters and polarizers. 
 @  My knowledge and tries on Lightroom 
 @  A one on one photo coaching


WORKSHOP FEE: A morning walk in my Tuscan villageA morning walk in my Tuscan village


Participant photographer                   $ 1 850   

Couple photographers                       $ 2 900  

Non photographer Husband/Wife         $ 300   


A payment of $800 will be required at registration for the photographers. Since good locations are sold fast, I have to book the apartments in April 2016 (12 months in advance). After, April 7, I will not be able to guarantee the rooms at the same location but I will be able to book rooms at an other location for late registrations (fee might have to be adjusted) . t

The second payment of $500 will be required by  September 1st.

The balance of $500 and the non photographers fee (if any) will be required by January 1st 2017. 

As mentioned previously, the fee covers the cost of the workshop and your private room in a one or two bedroom appartient. You will be responsible for the cost of your transport (that could be shared with other participants), fees for some location visits, your meals and your hotel on the day before our return in Florence (I will give you various address for the later). 

After your registration, I will supply you with a detailed list of locations we will visit, dates, flights to book, and car rental  companies, at our meeting breakfast in May 2016. That is the day where you will meet all the participant for the first time and where I will be giving important information for our synchronization.

Over the months, I will be sending you information on luggages, on how to prepare yourself for the workshop, what you are allowed to bring in a plane in terms of luggages. I will probably start to talk about transportation sharing at that time if not done at the breakfast. 

As mentioned, all details on transport, hotels, our location, clothing, photography gear, will be given on the day of the breakfast meeting. 


If you are interested to be part of this workshop, please send me an email  as rapidly as possible to reserve your spot. Although the season is more quiet than in June or July, we have to reserve early because it is still a photographer's season. 


Mausolé in the Mist - Toscana, ITMausolé in the Mist - Toscana, IT