N A T U R E - P H O T O G R A P H Y - C A N A D A | 2017 SouthWest Workshop

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"This will be your best trip ever"




(updated on October 25 2015)


October 3 - 14 2017

Registration closing on April 2, 2017

Accepting a maximum of 5 photographers.

A trip of 12 days (Including flight days)

with or without wife/husband


Because it is the best way to learn and perfect new practices in photography, more rapidly. There is nothing more motivating than being part of a group of passionate photographers who will be spending their time shooting during several days, exchanging and sharing ideas, and having fun doing what they like best in front of the most beautiful sites. And you will not have to search for them: I will guide you to the best locations on the best hours to enjoy the best light. 

This Workshop/Tour will be held in one of the best time of the year to visit and shoot Northern Arizona and Southern Utah. Imagine yourself shooting the beautiful and fresh colors of Spring, the out of this world landscapes and talking about photography all day with other passionate people. I will be your guide and coach through out this unique site list.

In order to give my coaching adequately, I am taking only 5 photographers (each can be joined by one non photographer husband or wife). A discount will be offered to a couple who are both photographers.


All participants should be at the Zion National Park in Utah the evening (Oct 3nd) before the workshop starts in order to shoot very early the first morning with the sunrise. For those who are leaving from Montreal, we will synchronise our fight on October 3nd. For all, we will synchronize our arrival in Las Vegas to be able to drive all together to Zion Park.


During this workshop/Tour, we will use this itinerary :

October 3          flight day, food and water shopping for on the go lunches and arrival in Zion at the end of the afternoon, kick off dinner. Night in Zion, UT
October 4 shooting around Zion. Night in Zion, UT
​October 5 early shoot in Zion, Zion plateau and late afternoon shooting in Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park, Night in Bryce, UT
October 6 early shoot in Bryce, road to Capitol Reef, late afternoon shot in Capitol Reef, Night in Torrey, UT
October 7 early shoot on the road, Special shoot in a mysterious valley, Late shoot in Canyonland, Night in Moab, UT
October 8 early shoot at Arches and shoot all day in Arches Nat'l Park, Night in Moab, UT
October 9          early shoot at Arches, on the road, Special Shoot at the road, late afternoon shoot in Monument Valley, Night in Monument Valley, UT/AZ
October 10        Early shoot and morning(option with guide) in Monument Valley, on the road, late afternoon and sunset shoot at The Grand Canyon, Night in Grand Canyon, AZ
October 11 Early shoot at the Grand Canyon, on the road to page, late afternoon shoot at the Horseshoe bend, Night in Page, AZ
October 12**   Early shoot at Antelope Canyon, shooting the afternoon and Special sunset shoot with guide***, Night in Page, AZ
October 13**     Morning shoot around Page, Lake Powell and the marina, departure to St.George, The last Dinner, Night in St.George, UT
October 14 Early morning departure for the Airport and return home.

** : The agenda in Page could possibly be modified if we are lucky to get our pass to Cayote Buttes

*** : Terrain Guide fees is not included in the Workshop fee. Monument Valley is optional  and White Pocket is mandatory.





May 1,2017




Each participant $ 1,100 $    990
Couple Photographers $ 2,050 $ 1,845
Wife/Husband non photographer $    250 $    250

* Non Photographers= may use a small compact camera.

* A deposit of $500 will be require by May 1st 2017 (Dec.31,2016 for early birds). A breakfast meeting will be held on the first week of May. The balance payment will be required on July 1st 2017.


All the photography instructions and the one to one photo reviews, the general guiding to the various destinations at the right time during the trip. It include also, the pre-trip instructions on photography material, clothing, your list of hotels, instructions for vehicule renting. I will supply you with a lot of information on luggages, what to bring, what to ear, what you are allowed to carry aboard the plane for check-in and cabine luggages. I want you to have the best experience on this trip. 

The fee does not include: special terrain Guides(1 is optional), your flight cost, hotel and car rental, food and all the other personal expenses


The training is 95% on the field.
I will cover the following subjects:
 @  Visits and shooting of the most beautiful sites you will ever see, including some unknown
 @  Photo composition, choice of scenes, the various composition tools and professional tricks
 @  Choice of objectives based on subjects and how to use them
 @  The various gears, filters such as polarizer, neural density filters and GND filters 
 @  My personal delevelop method in Lightroom 
 @  One to one photo critique 
We will tend to shoot sunrises, early mornings, late afternoons and sunsets. When the light is not good, we will mostly be driving. 
This guided workshop is especially made by a photographer, for photographers at various levels with a personalized view for each participant so each can evolve. I will give you answers to your questions.
This workshop is the best way to advance in your photography while shooting the most beautiful landscapes of this world and sharing with fellow passionate photographers. You won't have to look for breath taking subjects, I will bring you there.


Even though October is a slower season, there are still a lot of people visiting at this time of the year, so hotel rooms get unavailable early. 

To join our guided workshop, you have to :

1st  Reserve your seat  by sending me an email with your interest (no deposit needed at this time.) This will allow me to create the early list of participants and the waiting list

2nd Confirm your reservation by sending  your 1st deposit by May 1st 2017


3rd Send your final payment by July first.


One month prior to departure: no refund

After July 1st and up to 32 days prior to departure: Payment refund less deposit. (Because of the organization involved The deposit cannot be refunded)


Q & A.

Q. Should I be an advanced photographer to go on your guided workshop ?

A. No, I take you at the level you are at and start from there to get you become a better photographer. What I ask my student is to know the basics of their camera: change aperture, speed, ISO and use live view.

Q. Should I be in very good shape to go on your workshop ?

A. If you walk a few time a week for 45minutes to an hour at a fair speed, you will have a lot of fun on the workshop and have a good health. I never leave people behind and I adjust to the speed of my students. We will do a few hikes on dirt or paved trails but no climbing. One or two trails are strenuous but we take our time, and the prize are worth every steps. 

Q. What do we learn on the guided workshop?

A.  I will teach you how to prepare your trip, which gear and clothing to bring, infos on photo bags. A heart deal of the workshop is on experiencing techniques related to landscape photography composition, strong elements, composition tools, directional elements, choice of subjects, textures, patterns, which element to put the focus on, which aperture to use in various situation, the understanding and use of the histogram and use of hyperfocal. I will also cover the various filters for landscape photography: polarizers, neutral and graduated neutral and when to use it. We will also see the best time for shooting and how to adapt to various landscape types. Finally, I will cover photography post processing in Lightroom and giving my Lightroom tricks.

From your deposit is received, you will start learning.


Q. Can my husband of wife join us and will they get bored ?

A. Yes I accept you being accompanied by your husband of wife from the moment they are not serious photographers. The certainly can join us and they will be able to follow us on all destinations except maybe one. My experience with accompanying wife or husbands is that they real enjoy the trip, the destinations and the group.  If you conjoint is also a photographer, I offer a discount for couple photographers.

If you have questions, Ihave the answers, so do not hesitate to write me at : jdgagne@naturephotographycanada.com

Best of light !

J.D Gagne